The Celestial City

On the edge of the holy sea...

Celestial City
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The Celestial City is:

* A group hypersigil
* An astral location
* A metareality
* A place for self-discovery
* A spiritual game

Membership for the Celestial City is moderated to ensure mutual benefit and high quality. Although roleplaying and mushing are listed as interests, this is not a roleplaying game or a mush, although at times it is very likely to seem like one. We felt that those interested in rpgs and mushes might understand and enjoy the concept of the group hypersigil.

We encourage you to seek membership if: You frequently bathe in the tremendous light, you've lost interest in judging other people, you aren't tied to any particular religion preferring to see the pieces of truth in each of them, you have ecstatic experiences, you've ever had a near-death experience and it changed you, you feel that you have a higher purpose that you are almost on the edge of grasping, you've attempted or attained knowledge and conversation with your Holy Guardian Angel, you speak with celestial beings, you want to help humanity in a meaningful way, you have episodes of overwhelming appreciation and love and ecstatic joy, and/or you've learned the difference between having an ego and being an ego.

The Celestial City is the birthright of awakened humans who are interested in going beyond material reality, even while living in a body. We are not discussing heaven, but a sort of clubland in the Imaginal Realm, an astral construct where we can work while we are still alive and maybe even when we pass on. The City is our base of operations, and we are agents of change in our consensus reality. The City is non-denominational and non-sectarian. Religion is not our purpose here.

The rules are simple:

Get immersed in the milieu of the City, outline your own avatar, build rooms and structures within the City, and transpose your two realities. We don't expect this to be simple, especially in the beginning. There is a lot of work to be done, so please don't be afraid to ask questions about how everything works.

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