Karakara (beautifulpyre) wrote in celestialcity,

Celestial City In The Sky

A hypersigil is in many ways, like a servitor. The difference is that what we are creating here is a living world and living stories of that world with purpose rather than an individual consciousness with a purpose. In this case, our world is less a new milieu than a metareality juxtaposed with our everyday waking world.

We suppose that we are amphibious creatures made half of flesh and half of spirit. Here, we get in touch with something beyond the flesh. It is our job here to interact with that spirit half and bring it back to the world of flesh.

The Celestial City is something like an astral temple. It already exists in the ethers. We have not created it, but we will add to its energy like many others before us. If all goes well, we might meet there.

This sigil supposes there is such thing as "good" and "evil"...

To summarize:
"Good", in this instance, is any act which brings pleasure in its highest and most pure form. These acts promote good feelings of self-worth and general faith in humanity.

"Evil" is those acts which intentionally maliciously degrade feelings of self-worth and cause cynicism towards humanity and the life experience.

It is worthy to note that a system of merits and demerits is not proposed. This isn't checks and balances and we aren't here to judge ourselves harshly. Such an act would generally tend to be in the "evil" end of the spectrum. When we judge ourselves harshly, we do often degrade our feelings of self-worth. On the other hand, if we are being honest with ourselves to promote growth and forgive ourselves and move on, that is a positive "good" step.

Remember - we aren't judging good and evil in others per se. We aren't here to discuss whether some people or groups of people are good or evil. We must remember that everyone is caught up in the trials of this world. We are on the same road, after all. Some of us have made self-discoveries that others have not. We are not here to gloat about those discoveries, but to inspire others to those kinds of life-affirming and self-affirming actions.

Thus ends this transmission.
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