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Holy Guardian Angel

I’ve learned the difference between my ego and my “higher self.” I don’t mean “higher” as in better. It just seems to have a vantage point that is “higher up.” I feel like I can see much more of the picture from that angle. There is less of me and more of the world around me. I can begin to notice how things interrelate and how what I do influences other people, and how that in turn, influences the rest of reality. I feel that from this higher self, I can get trivial things out of the way and see the things that are more eternal or at least longer lasting.

I call it the knowledge and conversation of the Gwo Bon Anj, or Holy Guardian Angel, if you prefer. I personally refer to my “HGA” as my “GBA” because I find that term much more aesthetically pleasing. Maybe that’s because it’s a term that I would be less likely to run into in my daily life and somehow it seems more special that way. The secret of the GBA is that it isn’t really something that needs to be evoked or invoked. It’s always there. The invocation is just the process of realizing its existence there all the time. Invocation brings its existence closer to the daily waking consciousness. It makes communion between the ego and the GBA possible. You can’t attain K & C until you realize it’s there and thus, personify it somewhat. I’ve found though that my GBA resists personification. It’s beyond simple attributes. It’s plugged into “God” or “the All” and all things are possible for it because it has that connection.

The job of the GBA is to bring that level of possibility into knowing and understanding. By working with the GBA, you begin to experience existence the way it does, in the Above. As pure potential able to tap into anything and thus, produce those things in your life. You can bring anything into your life, if you want to. There is always a way. Some things are more difficult than others simply because they are in the furthest reaches on the spectrum of probability. That doesn’t mean they are impossible, just extraordinarily improbable. It will take a lot more work then to bring those things in closer to you. And when you do, the reward will be great.

The more you look at something, observe something, work with something, the closer it comes to you, the more chance it has to manifest. In dreaming of things, imagining things, doing things which promote occurrence, you drag the possibility ever closer. That’s magic. That’s manipulating reality.

My GBA wears so many faces. For the Celestial City, it wears the face of Pallustie, a stern but ecstatic golden-haired Muse. This is just an interface. This is just a way to personify the relationship to the City. I am putting her on like a costume as a way to travel to the City and interact with others who are working for similar things. Pallustie is a real emanation of “God” but functions almost like a roleplaying character. Like the Maharani in Tariquan, she is my avatar-contact in that world, but she has her own level of existence.

Pallustie will speak through me and I will act as a channel. Like the City, Pallustie is a combination of several possibilities that exist simultaneously. She is her own spirit, she is a divine ray of the light of God, she is a hyperservitor, she is a real Muse, a spirit guide, a real part of my GBA, a fictional character and a real part of my psyche. Dynamic existence.
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