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Welcome to the Celestial City. As you can see from the userinfo, the Celestial City is a metareality in which we each become agents of transformation in our respective versions of reality. It is a game in the sense that it is playful and enjoyable but our goal is serious, if you will. It is a hypersigil in that our ficional interface with the City is intended to produce real change in our realities and in our consciousness. That is to say, the purpose of this community is to produce actual change and transformation. Actual shifts in consciousness.

The Celestial City is an astral construct that existed before the hypersigil. It is not heaven, in the traditional sense of heaven, but a location in the astral sky where souls, spirits can go to connect with higher energies, to transcend and to understand and/or gain purpose. Compare with the shamanic upperworld.

Our task here is to promote that connection with the upperworld. We will flesh out areas of the city and of the metareality which allows it to exist. We will post images that remind us of the city and of our higher purpose. We will invoke our highest selves. We will post information that affirms our work. And play smaller games that help us to understand how reality works and how to live harmoniously.

This community will be magic intense, alchemy intense, and probably fairly heavy on Christian imagery because it lends itself well to this kind of work. However, again, religion is not our purpose. Spiritual flowering and reality shifting is. Questions? Comments?
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I've never done anything like this, so I'm feeling stuck right now. How are you starting your part in this? What's the focal point for our attention as we develop it into something more substantial?
That's a very good question...well...I've been sort of channeling "higher spirits"...I have to think about this and post something else that might help you. :)
Can one channel Jesus / The Christ / The Cosmic Christ?